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Agilent Expression Profiling Service

General Information

The Agilent microarray platform is among the world’s leading DNA chip technologies. Based on 60mer oligonucleotides and a very flexible ink jet printing device, Agilent microarrays offer many outstanding features:

  • Very high dynamic range (>4 logs)
  • Very high accuracy, as measured by comparison with TaqMan RT-qPCR (r>0.9)
  • Cost-effective multiplex formats (e.g. 4plex, 8plex)
  • Design of custom arrays is free of charge
  • Low amount of starting material required (100 ng of total RNA)

Why Choose ATLAS Biolabs’ Services?

  • ATLAS Biolabs is an Agilent Certified Service Provider
  • ATLAS Biolabs’ personnel have successfully analysed tens of thousands of microarrays since 2001
  • Our service is fast, reliable and cost-effective
  • We offer professional assistance for both planning experiments as well as further data analysis and interpretation

Agilent Expression Profiling Service Portfolio

Organisms Man, mouse and rat
Model organisms (Arabidopsis, yeast)
Production animals (Bovine, Porcine, Chicken, etc.)
Agricultural crops (wheat, rice, maize, barley, etc.)
Formats 8 x 15K, 4 x 44K, 8 x 60K
One colour/two colour
Catalogue and custom arrays
Applications  Gene expression
miRNA expression
Custom array design free of charge, single custom arrays can be ordered

Service Range

Full Service: Customer sends total RNA or mRNA. ATLAS Biolabs takes over the complete processing procedure incl. sample labelling, array hybridisation, washing, staining, scanning and basic data analysis.

Core Service: Customer sends labelled cRNA. ATLAS Biolabs performs array hybridisation, washing, staining, scanning and basic data analysis.

Data Analysis: is offered at various levels; starting from the simple determination of the transcriptional status of a gene (absent/present) via calculation of significantly up- and downregulated genes, to more sophisticated analyses such as hierarchical clustering, principal component analysis or pathway analysis.

Data Delivery

  • Timeline: 3–4 weeks after receipt of samples (for >50 samples, please inquire)
  • CD-ROM/DVD/external HDD sent to customer includes all original data, as well as the results in TXT format


Agilent Certified x Services Provider

Agilent Scanner

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