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Human Exome Enrichment and Sequencing Service

General Information

The human exome is defined as all protein-coding exons in the genome and is comprised of the most functionally relevant and best understood 1% of the human genome. Targeted sequencing of this exome is a highly productive approach to focus in on the most important portions of the genome. Exome sequencing has become a cutting-edge method for identifying causative mutations of genetic disorders, or to discover functional variations for traits and drug responses.

Explore the opportunities

Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V6

  • Up-to-date core content from relevant databases, targets more genes/ exons including hard-to-capture regions
  • 99% of database covered: RefSeq, CCDS, GENCODe, HGMD cds, OMIN cds
  • for translational research as well as clinical research
  • Easily add UTRs for translational research, COSMIC for cancer research
  • massively parallel analysis
  • higher standards set for target coverage
  • target size 60MB
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