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DMET Analysis: DRUG Metabolism and translating pharmacogenetics into practice

General Information

ATLAS Biolabs ( is now a certified Affymetrix DMET Service Provider, offering the latest DMET Plus Assay, Array and Software analysis from Affymetrix.

Understanding the common variation in genes encoding for drug metabolism enzymes and drug transporters has the potential to significantly impact clinical research by predicting the impact of an individual's genetic variation on metabolic capacity. This understanding takes us one step closer towards the vision of personalized medicine by helping to avoid adverse drug responses, increasing treatment efficacy, and providing both improved healthcare outcomes as well as substantial economic benefits.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Enables the cost-effective measurement of existing and new metabolic pathway involvement - by providing broad coverage of relevant pharmacogenetic markers (1,936 genetic variants across 231 relevant genes) in one assay
  • Supports the rapid and comprehensive interpretation of genotyping data
  • Comprehensive and relevant genetic content
  • Average sample call rates greater than 99%
  • Average sample concordance to reference greater than 99.5%
  • Average sample reproducibility greater than 99.8%
  • Average sample pass rate greater than 95%

DMET Plus Array Image

DMET Plus Array Image

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